sarah with a c (glitterbee) wrote in csf_kids,
sarah with a c


hey who's doing groundlings? jeremy called! meeting saturday the 18th!

i'm excited. i hope all of you are going to be doing it with me. ti's going to be so much fun.

also i might need a ride to the meeting on saturday if anyone can help me out..


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i'm in it!!! w00t w00t!!! i can probably give you a ride... depending on how my car is doing. :-( oh well... i'll know for sure closer to the 18th.

yay for groundlings.


I'm in and ridiculously excited. I've been thinking about CSF a lot lately. Jeremy as in the newspaper the other day, and stuff about Love's Labours Lost is in there today. Speaking of which, when should we see Love's Labours Lost?
yay! so excited. yay noah and yay katie. hmm. love's labours lost. when does it end? maybe we should go next saturday or the 18th and we all can jsut hang out all day after the meeting adn come back that night! hahaha.
i'm up for that!! w00t w00t.

me too!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayayay! i don't think i can come to the meeting though- maybe just the beginning because i have a meeting for ccm cert @ the exact same time!!!!!!!!!!!grrrrrrrrrrrr.i HATE CONFLICTS